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XilosCT 04.07.2017 22:24:25

Converting files
Hello guys,

I´m sorry that i post it maybe in the wrong forum, but may I ask you for help? Have anyone ever seen this? I need to convert it into some usable video files but i don´t know how to connect the clips properly.

I have files that end with .001 .002 .add .idx .ifo . red. log

FireBird 04.07.2017 22:55:48

AW: Converting files
Welcome on board. At least it would be a good idea to mention which Toppy you're talking about. My guess is that the .001, .002 files are relatively large and are therefore the recordings. Rename them so that they get the extension .ts (e.g. xxx.001.ts, xxx.002.ts, ...) and try if you can play them with VLC. If that works out, you can simply combine them from the DOS command line:

copy /b xxx.001.ts+xxx.002.ts xxx.ts

But I’m assuming a lot. :wink:

Homer 04.07.2017 23:41:08

AW: Converting files
You can use HJ-Split 3.0 to join files ending with 001, 002, ...

Viele Grüße

XilosCT 05.07.2017 12:31:14

AW: Converting files
I would love to give you series number, but i dont have it on hand. Its TopField for sure, what about that rec, i think it is 3 part of the whole recording.

XilosCT 05.07.2017 12:32:27

AW: Converting files here is a screenshot

Twilight 05.07.2017 12:33:40

AW: Converting files
when you have a rec then it should be the first part...:thinker:
but, just open it with vlc player and have a look in it ;)


Homer 05.07.2017 13:08:39

AW: Converting files
Looking at the file sizes, rec is the 1st part, 001 is next, 002 is last. So HJ-Split would not join all files as needed.

Viele Grüße

Anthea 05.07.2017 13:23:56

AW: Converting files
Probably it's one of the 7000 series (or compatible), the first HD-Series from Topfield. They split the .REC files into multiple parts, due to the file system used.

XilosCT 05.07.2017 16:33:35

AW: Converting files
So maybe I should find a converter that could convert both .rec and .001 files into mp4?

XilosCT 05.07.2017 16:45:21

AW: Converting files
Guys I figured it out, I just changed the .rec to .001, .001 to .002 and .002 into .003. Then Joined it with HJSplit. Joined file changed to .ts and convert it into mp4! Thank for help, I wouldn´t do it without you.

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